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Connect the world through Japanese tea

This is our roots from the beginning, to make safe tea for our people and the environment.
There is a lot of tea products around the world. Despite of healthy image
of tea, not every tea is safe.  We believe in what we do and we will continue doing so.


​Directly from our tea field to the world

Current Japanese tea supply chain
Tea farmer → Agricultural cooperative → Buyer → Exporter → Local distributor → Local retailer → You
It is so complicated, there are many steps. By the time, you get your tea, the price is unreasonably high.
Or if it's cheap, it's low quality tea.

Our supply chain
Nakai Organic Tea Garden → You
Nakai Organic Tea Garden → Local retailer → You
Simplicity, transparency and efficiency make it possible.


Region revitalization

Despite of popularity of Japanese green tea, Japanese tea cultivation regions are vanishing. 

Our home Wazuka is well known for main  region for high quality tea cultivation. We are around 3,300 people living in Wazuka, however, the population is drastically decreasing each year. As young generation goes out of Wazuka, the population is getting older. There are many tea farmers who don't have a successor.

The problem is if we continue doing the same, we will not have people to produce Japanese tea. But if we spread the words and deliver attractiveness to the world, more people might come to Wazuka and things will change.  We can change it together!
Wazuka is very beautiful with tea fields, clean air and nature. Come visit us! See our Experience?


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