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We produce safe teas for our people and the environment.

Our teas are 100% certified organic and eco-friendly.
They are grown, harvested and processed on our own with a lot of care. Enjoy our organic Japanese tea.


About Nakai

Nakai Organic Tea Garden is family owned tea farm that has history of 350 years of cultivating tea here in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan. 
We have been preserving our tea fields respecting the nature over centuries.
Nakai is the first tea farm in Japan to be certified Organic JAS for tea fields and factory which fulfill the standard of both USDA and EU Organic. Our tea fields are free of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer.

The Founder

Michio Nakai


One evening changed everything

One evening, back in 1986, he came back home after tea field work, and he decided to treat himself with his favorite Sake (Sake is Japanese traditional rice wine), but strange, he could not drink. He actually knew why, because at that time he was working with pesticides like everybody else. And his body was reacting to it.
Very next day, he went to hospital to check his health. The result came out, a quite amount of pesticides residue was found in his blood.
Then he said, "I quit pesticides and all the chemicals because I can't enjoy my Sake! I will go organic!" His decision was made and never changed since.
At that time, the word "Organic" did not really exist in Japan, everybody was using pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers because that was game changer. No deceases, no weeds, perfectly clean tea fields and yields went up... but It was against the nature and damaging human and the environment we live in.
He decided to make safe tea for his people and the environment.

Changing the game
Changing takes a lot of suffering and hard work. Especially changing the conventional tea farming to organic tea farming, you need to have big courage to do that. Because you don't expect tea to be harvested as well as it was before.
Imagine, tea trees are protected by chemicals and all of sudden, no protection.
Almost 100% of tea fields get deceases, bugs eat up tea leaves, weeds grow like jungle... It takes a few years, until tea trees get their natural potential back and thrive again.
So he got about 70% loss in the first year. But he did not quit! He made up his mind then, never changed. 

Everybody was against him
As he quit conventional tea farming, he had to give back all the pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers he bought for the year from suppliers.
Everybody was so mad at him and called him crazy. Of course, these stuff cost thousands of dollars and all of sudden, cancelled. Everybody said "You can't do it, you should stop", except his family. They believed in him, supported him.
He did not quit what he started and he really believed in organic. There was never going back.
He really believed in organic, he believed that this is good for his people and the environment. So he established the company and built a factory himself which is still in use.  Most of the factory was built by himself, even he drew up a blueprint, designed machine layouts. 
According to him, we can do anything, if we really want to.

Little by little
Little by little, tea trees were getting back their natural power, but still there are many obstacles.
He had to sell his tea cheap because there was no example, no basics to evaluate organic tea, buyers did not even know what it was. So they would only buy it because it was cheap.
His tea was getting the name out little by little, also word "organic" is spreading across Japan.
The concept of his tea, the tea has to be safe for people and environment, is never changed. 

30 years later
It has been a wonderful 30 years from the day he started his journey, many people followed him, joined the family.
2016, his son Toshitaka Nakai took over the company and our challenge goes on.
Now our tea is one of the very popular and famous teas in Japan.  
What is our next challenge?     

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