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Do you have questions?

  • Are you certified organic?
    Yes, we are 100% certified organic. We have JAS certificate that fits standard of USDA and Europe BIO organic.
  • What is the Organic-JAS? (Japan Agricultural Standard)
    The Organic-JAS is a standard related to production methods based on the Organic-JAS law (Japan Agricultural Standard law). A certified inspector does inspection and certifies that production conforms to the Organic-JAS. Certified producers and businesses are allowed to use the JAS Organic mark. Our tea fields and factory are fully certified. JAS Organic meets the standards of Euro organic, USDA and Canada organic.
  • How can I see the wholesale page?
    If you are in the tea business please send us inquiry filling your information. We give you the password for the page.
  • Can I buy your Nakai tea as retail?
    No, we only do the wholesale at the moment.
  • How can I get the samplers?
    Please go to the wholesale page and there is 10g sample bag for each tea we offer.
  • How much is the shipping cost?
    You can check the shipping cost when place order. Please select your shipping location.
  • What are the package options?
    The package options are cans and bags. Quantity would be at your request. For example, Matcha 20g, 30g, 40g in cans. The colors of cans are currently gold, black and silver.
  • Can we do OEM?
  • What are the MOQs?
    If it is in 1 kg bulk bag, 1. If is in the cans or bags, 200.
  • What is the shipping method?
    Shipping by Japan Post EMS. It is by air.
  • Is Nakai tea always in stock?
    No. Our tea is very limited each year and if we sell out it is out. Let's discuss your annual volume.
  • How can I place order and pay?
    You can order online and you can pay with your credit card.
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