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If you need a support or anything you want to request, please feel free to send us message.

Thanks for sending us an inquiry!

Ichiba 14-1 Naka, Wazuka,

Soraku District, Kyoto Japan

Mon - Fri:  9am - 5pm


By train: 
JR Kyoto station  (transfer at JR Kizu station) to JR Kamo (about 60 minutes) 
JR Kyoto station (use Miyakoji rapid service
) to JR Kizu (transfer) to JR Kamo (about 41 minutes)  
JR Osaka station ( use Yamatoji rapid service) to JR Kamo (about 66 minutes) 

JR Kamo station bus stop to Wazuka Yamanoie (about 15 minutes) 
*Bus No.66 towards Wazuka Kosugi 


By car:
Kyoto (Route 24)→ Yamashiro (Route 163)→Kamo (about 90 minutes)

Osaka (Hanna route) → Kamo (about 80 minutes) 
Nara (Route 24)→ Kamo (about 20 minutes)

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